Friday, May 3, 2013

The next great sports star...

The next great soccer star?
Or not. But do you see those feet?? My daughter, Elena, was born April 6 and her father and I think she has great athletic potential. If her long toes and long feet are any indication, she is going to be a tall Viking princess like her very athletic Aunt Maggie. And her kicks in utero were no anomaly - Elena's legs and arms are still very powerful for a baby - try to make her do something she doesn't want can't! It's like a battle! And tonight she was crying the whole time I was holding her until I passed her off to her father, who sat her down to watch the Knicks-Celtics playoff game with him...and she was entranced. Yes, I think we have a future athlete on our hands. Either way, whether she's able to support us in our old age from all her endorsements or she just shows off her Little League participation trophies, Elena's father and I are on the same page - Elena will be playing sports. She doesn't have to do it forever. She doesn't have to try every sport out there. But I personally think participating in sports as a kid has so many benefits - exercise, learning how to be a team player, making friends, etc. - and I have so many fond memories of my years playing/coaching soccer, baseball and softball, she will play some sport at least once. And who knows...maybe that's how she'll meet her BFF. Or maybe she'll be the next Mia Hamm or Venus Williams and buy Mommy and Daddy a nice beach house for their retirement. ;)

All set for her first post-game press conference.
On a side note, because I just had a baby (and to top it off, she's colicky and so taking up 99 percent of my time just comforting her), I won't be posting as frequently to this blog for awhile - probably a few months. But I'm not going anywhere - I WILL be back, so please check in on me every once in awhile!!

Daddy & daughter watching the Knicks beat the Celtics