Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mariano Rivera, Mr. Sandman?

According to my dad, the Yankee closer should consider changing his entrance music.

When Mo came out of the bullpen in the eighth inning tonight, I crowed, "Enter Sandman!" My dad looked at me weirdly, so I explained: "That's the song that's playing. Enter Sandman. You know, cuz he's lights out?"

If you've never heard it, this is it:

It's awesome. It totally pumps you up for the closer.

Anyway, my dad goes, "Enter Sandman? I know that song." And then proceeded to sing this:

Yeah. I kid you not.

While I can pretty much guarantee Rivera would be the only closer in baseball with that theme music, Mr. Sandman is striking fear in the hearts of no one.

Mr. Sandman? It's just Sandman to you.... :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yankees back on top...I love this game!

The Yanks just won their 27th World Series championship! I don't think I have to tell you that I am beyond psyched, that this was the perfect ending to what was a fantastic season. I have more to say about the Series and this game, but for tonight let me just say:

*congrats to those guys who came to the Yankees to win a championship this past decade and finally made it

*congrats to the core four who waited 9 years to be on top again (and add to that Joe Girardi, who won a couple of rings as catcher and now has his first as manager)

*congrats to the new guard, those young players who the Yankees have finally put their faith in who will hopefully carry on the legacy in the coming years once the core four are gone...

*it's nice that there's a bridge of players from the old days to now, that it's been long enough since their last championship that most of the players are new, but not long enough that it's a completely different team from the dynasty of the 1990s.

*the Phillies put up a good fight (though tonight it kinda felt like they gave up...even if it's just a little bit, it can do you in), but you took the Series to six and it was the first time in years I felt the two teams were well matched (as well as both deserving of being in the Series)...

*and a special congrats to Chase Utley (yes, a Philly!) for his powerful offense and contributions to how well the Phillies played. They named a lot of stats and records he tied and most of them were stupid and meaningless, but he tied Reggie Jackson for hitting 5 homers in a Series and he should be proud that he gave the Phillies a chance.

*and also to Philly pitcher Cliff Lee, who completely dominated on the mound and was by far the best pitcher, out of both teams, in this series. You also gave your team a fighting chance. It's just too bad they didn't clone ya.

It's midnight, so good night for now!

Bottom of the 5th, Yanks up 7-1

Just a thought as the Yankees are beating up on the Phils (knocked Pedro out in the 4th - why aren't their starters starting to warm up in the bullpen yet? This game is do-or-die for the Phils...), and I hate to pick on the current Philly pitcher, J. A. Happ, because he is quite adorable, but if your initials are J and A, and you want to be known as "Jay," then why not just use the J? No where in the English language does "J. A." spell "Jay." (Yes, J. A. Happ pronounces his name Jay Happ...) Does he not like the way J. Happ looks? Cuz I think it looks kinda snazzy. But no, first of all, when you insist on pronouncing "J. A." as Jay, nobody will ever pronounce your name right - not announcers in other ballparks, not fans of other teams at home, not the morons commenting on the game on tv. "J. A." can be pronounced Ja. Stupid. Or Ya if you're German (yes). Or Ha if you're Spanish. Which might be the most appropriate, cuz it is kinda funny...

I love that the Yanks are winning, especially behind Pettitte, but I kinda wish the Phils would put up a fight...

World Series, Game 6 - Pettitte v. Martinez

This is a showdown I love, between two old warhorses. I expected Philly to win behind Cliff Lee yet again Monday night, and it's been great to see these teams, for the most part, evenly matched, but as a Yankee fan I feel good about tonight...we're back home, we have veteran Pettitte on the mound - love him! - and even if Pedro's on his game, which he sometimes is, all we hafta do is be patient, work the count, get him to 100 pitches, and get to the bullpen. Most pitchers nowadays are on pitch counts but Pedro is the only pitcher I've ever seen break down like clockwork at 100 pitches. Without fail. Every. Single. Time. It's pretty effing cold out. As awesome and electric as the atmosphere at the Stadium will be tonight, I'm glad I'll be watching from the warmth of my living room.

Being here actually still feels so surreal. As a Yankee fan, I got so used to winning World Series, and then just being in the World Series, and then not being in the World Series. It feels weird to be back. And exciting. My Yanks of the last five years did not deserve to be here. But this team does. And they deserve to win it too. But whether they win tonight or win tomorrow, it should be exciting.

Phils have to win tonight to force a Game 7. If the Yanks win, they win.

1 1/2 hours till game time...can't wait!!

100 Days till Vancity

Winter Olympics, Vancouver, on NBC.

What's your favorite winter Olympic sport? As a girl, I admit I kinda enjoy the ice skating. Anyone who can land those kinda jumps on ice skates is amazing...this from a girl who can't even stand up on skates (despite a skating class in which I was both the oldest and worst skater...anyway...). But any event where there's a charismatic athlete or compelling story - Dan Jansen? - or even a great name - Pecabo Street? Apolo Anton Ohno? - can draw my attention. Wonder what it'll be this year...

100 days! See ya then!