Sunday, March 30, 2014

Opening Day and some athlete sightings

Major League Baseball's Opening Day is at hands, folks. This season makes me sad, in that it will be Derek Jeter's last, but as a fan of the New York Yankees, I'm also very curious to see what this season brings, with the so many changes that occurred, player-wise, during the offseason. At the very least, I'm hoping for an improvement on last season...making it to the postseason would be nice. Also, since I had a newborn last spring and summer, I didn't make it to any games last year...hoping to get to Yankee Stadium as least once this season. Gotta see Jeter playing in person at least one more time!

Anyway, here are a couple of photos I took at Vision Expo East yesterday - Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers made an appearance. Yummy. He could definitely make you a Packers fan, ladies, if you're into the eye candy in sports, ha ha.

Photo: Saying hi to Clay Matthews
Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers at Vision Expo East 2014.

Of course, as a Yankee fan, I was most excited to find out that former closer and living legend Mariano Rivera was making an appearance. I didn't get to see him pitch in person during his last season last year, so it was kinda cool to get to see him again, and so close up! Pretty cool, and definitely the highlight of my day! :)

Photo: Now, Clay Matthews is a good looking fellow, but this was the athlete I was really psyched to see
Mariano Rivera at Vision Expo East 2014.