Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World Series, Game 6 - Pettitte v. Martinez

This is a showdown I love, between two old warhorses. I expected Philly to win behind Cliff Lee yet again Monday night, and it's been great to see these teams, for the most part, evenly matched, but as a Yankee fan I feel good about tonight...we're back home, we have veteran Pettitte on the mound - love him! - and even if Pedro's on his game, which he sometimes is, all we hafta do is be patient, work the count, get him to 100 pitches, and get to the bullpen. Most pitchers nowadays are on pitch counts but Pedro is the only pitcher I've ever seen break down like clockwork at 100 pitches. Without fail. Every. Single. Time. It's pretty effing cold out. As awesome and electric as the atmosphere at the Stadium will be tonight, I'm glad I'll be watching from the warmth of my living room.

Being here actually still feels so surreal. As a Yankee fan, I got so used to winning World Series, and then just being in the World Series, and then not being in the World Series. It feels weird to be back. And exciting. My Yanks of the last five years did not deserve to be here. But this team does. And they deserve to win it too. But whether they win tonight or win tomorrow, it should be exciting.

Phils have to win tonight to force a Game 7. If the Yanks win, they win.

1 1/2 hours till game time...can't wait!!

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