Monday, December 12, 2011

Talk about a nailbiter - New York Giants v. Dallas Cowboys

First, can I just say how much I am enjoying watching the Green Bay Packers play this season? I am by no means a Packers fan; I will never wear a wedge of cheese on my head. But I have definitely become an Aaron Rodgers fan, and to watch this team play this season has been so much fun. They're better than a well oiled machine. Watching them play is like listening to a beautiful symphony.

Poetic enough for ya?

Okay, so last week the Giants played the Packers. And after phoning it in for three weeks straight, they finally brought it. They finally looked like they wanted to be on that field. And they still lost. But they made the Packers really work for that win. Still, 4 losses in a row can be totally demoralizing, especially after really giving it your all. Finally. So I was beyond worried about last night's game. I was pumped after a Jets pounding of the Chiefs - that game was so lopsided it actually became boring by the second half. But last night's showdown with the hated Cowboys for first place in the division was pretty much do-or-die for the Giants - if they lost, not only would that be 5 losses in a row, but it would be a loss to Dallas.

I hate Sunday night games, only because they go on too late and I have to work in the morning. But for the first three quarters it looked like I might be able to go to bed early. The Giants looked completely lackluster again - wtf? As my mom always used to say, the team that wants it the most will usually win it and the Cowboys definitely looked like they wanted this win more. The Giants were down by 12 with 5 minutes to go. But, faithful readers, how does the football mantra go? :)

The Giants finally showed up. Again. They pulled out an incredible win that made the Cowboys look beyond foolish. They beat Dallas the SAME EXACT way the Cardinals did last week, with a last minute time-out and a field goal do-over. Tom Coughlin must have been sacrificing virgins on the sidelines to the football gods that this tactic would work two weeks in a row.

And it did.

So we're still in the game. The Giants have to step it up though. The Jets look good. They have momentum. They can feel the playoffs coming. The Giants are gonna have to start looking like they want to be here if they want to not only get to the playoffs but get beyond the first round.


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