Monday, December 3, 2012

Tony Romo passes Troy Aikman for the Dallas Cowboys lead in TD passes, but what does that mean?

This is going to be a short post just fyi. In last night's game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Tony Romo became the Cowboys franchise leader in touchdown passes, surpassing Cowboys legend Troy Aikman.

I am a well documented un-fan of Romo and the Cowboys. I'm not a hater. I'm just saying, let's call a spade a spade. The Cowboys might've been a great team, Aikman might've been a great player, but the Cowboys of today are not the same great team - they're an ordinary team and Romo is an ordinary quarterback. He's not a bad quarterback. He's not even a mediocre quarterback. But is he a great quarterback? The Cowboys might make it to the playoffs every year, but so do half the teams in the NFL.

Troy Aikman led the Cowboys to not one, not two, but three Super Bowl victories. How many victories does Romo have under his belt?

So, for Romo to have more TD passes than Aikman makes me wonder - is Romo playing against better teams than Aikman was? He has more TD passes but fewer wins - or at least, fewer championships, and really, that's the golden ring to all these owners/coaches/players. Or is it just that statistics are, as I've always suspected, for the most part, completely meaningless?



  1. At times Tony Romo is great. Other times, he does his team in. He's a pretty good QB, but, he's not great. I'm surprised that he broke Troy Aikman's record for most touchdowns by a Cowboys' QB. I think Aikman didn't have as many touchdowns because there was another star that helped Aikman score a lot of touchdowns...Emmitt Smith.

    1. So then maybe it's a third option, that Tony Romo is playing with a less talented/contributing team than Troy Aikman was...after all, it's a team, not a player, that wins a championship. I'm still not convinced Romo is an "elite" QB though!