Monday, August 12, 2013

The Manning brothers bring you "Football on Your Phone"

Now, don't get me wrong - this is straight up a commercial for DirecTV. Commercials suck. Except when they're entertaining. A well done commercial can be more fun to watch than the show you turned your tv on for. And when it comes to athletes, I love me the ones who don't take themselves seriously, the ones who can make fun of themselves and goof around. Back in December 2012 I wrote about some of my favorite sports commercials, which you can read here, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to add this one to the list.

You can always depend on Eli Manning and Peyton Manning to bring the funny. I never pictured them as rappers and it turns out my life was a little darker and sadder for lack of that. The hook to this song is annoying, I'll say that, but the Manning brothers sure do know how to have fun and make fun. This video might not make me go out and buy DirecTV (sorry, folks!), but I would watch it again and again simply for Eli and Peyton's hairstyles and outfits, as well as their mad rhyming skills. Methinks the Manning Family Singers might be a good back-up plan once the whole football thing has gotten old and boring.

Read some funny commentary on the video here.

And watch that sucker down below:

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