Friday, October 18, 2013

From TelevisionWithoutPity, a post tailor-made for this blog: Throw Like a Girl: My Boys, Friday Night Lights and Sports Night‘s Fiercest Females

I couldn't have written this post better myself, though the idea of a round-up of some of TV's fiercest sports-loving females is one I plan on stealing and expounding on in the future. Since Aly Semigran's post is so spot-on, I'll just let you read it at here, and just add that My Boys used to be one of my favorite shows, and P.J. Franklin is one of my favorite characters and totally makes me want to be a sportswriter. I AM in need of a job, so maybe that's something I should look into - I have a background in journalism and a love of sports, if anybody reading this is hiring! ;)
Throw Like a Girl: <i>My Boys</i>, <i>Friday Night Lights</i> and <i>Sports Night</i>‘s Fiercest Females
The cast of My Boys

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