Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This year in sports (or how I want to bang my head against a wall)

Well, the Baltimore Ravens win last night on Monday Night Football eliminated the New York Jets from the playoffs, officially making this the Worst Year Ever for New York Sports. ::Sigh:: I'm not a Jets fan, but they were my last hope to root for any New York team in any sport to have a shot at maybe not the title, but at least a postseason appearance. I know Jets and Mets fans are used to this kind of disappointment, but in addition to those perennial losers (no offense intended), we saw the Yankees suck and miss the postseason, we saw the Giants suck and miss the playoffs...hockey and basketball are in the middle of their seasons but the Islanders are in last place, the Rangers are middle of the pack, and the Nets and Knicks aren't looking good either. What's a sports fan to do? I'm tempted to take up some other pasttime, such as needlepoint or taxidermy. I'm just glad my daughter is too young to remember this year in sports - I want her to be proud of being a New York sports fan, not want to bang her head repeatedly against a wall in frustration. Although she does seem to be leaning toward being a Jets fan, which might cement her as her grandfather's favorite grandchild (she's his only grandchild) but might mean she'll have to get used to banging her head repeatedly against a wall in frustration.

Here's looking forward to 2014!

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  1. So, what are you going to blog about now? I have an idea. How about a blog post about sports talk radio. Plenty of excitement there.