Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Titans v. Titans?

The last two games the New York Jets played, I have been thoroughly confused, waiting for the team to come out onto the field, only to be reminded that the team is already on the field. They're just in different jerseys.

The Jets wear green and white. Before they were the Jets, they were the New York Titans, and they wore blue and gold. After a couple of losses this season, the team played in these retro jerseys and won. Perhaps superstitious, they wore those jerseys again this weekend, and again they won.

My brother has a theory that the Jets finally decided that the Jets...well, suck. And since the Tennessee Titans are 5-0 so far this season, the Jets decided that since the Titans are winners, they, too, would become (again) the Titans. My brother thinks the Jets should take it a step further and just call themselves the Tennessee Titans. They wouldn't even have to move from the Meadowlands. They could be a Tennessee team playing in New Jersey.

After all, they're already a New York team playing in New Jersey.

It would definitely make the Week 12 game against the actual, honest-to-God though not original old school Titans an interesting one...

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