Sunday, January 24, 2010

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Ok, so today is the final round of playoffs before the Super Bowl in 2 weeks. I keep wanting to say that against all odds, the New York Jets are still in it, but really, it's not against all odds. How often do the number 1 seeds from the NFC and AFC ever play each other in the Super Bowl? I think, all things considered, once you get past the wild card round, every team has a fair and somewhat even shot at getting to the next round. A playoff team ranked a lower seed beating another playoff team of a higher seed is never an upset in that the one does not deserve to move to the next round - they're both playoff teams. Teams may go in favored or as underdogs, but really, in any sport, once the regular season ends and the playoffs begin, every team starts over from square one. And even though last weekend the Jets were the only "upset" what with every other game the higher seed moved on, really, what would the playoffs be without a good Cinderella story? Without the little engine that could? Without the possibility of David beating Goliath?

Now, I will admit that today's Colts-Jets matchup is going to be a bittersweet game for me because I have strong New York loyalties, but I love Peyton Manning. So whatever the outcome, I win. And I lose. I'm hoping there's a way both teams can move on to the Super Bowl, but I'm not sure what the chances are of that. I'm thinking my New York loyalties win out though, and while a Saints-Colts Super Bowl would've been awesome if both teams had lived up to the early season hype of their respective 10-0 starts and, if not both gone perfect throughout the season but had ended on high notes, but since the season has played out the way it has, I think right now I'm rooting for a Vikings-Jets Super Bowl.

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