Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010 Vancouver, tonight. Where females actually get to rock as athletes, not just cheer for them...

Ok, so first, my Peyton obviously didn't win the Super Bowl. As a Peyton fan, not a Colts fan, I wasn't heartbroken. And I like the Saints, especially quarterback Drew Brees. Plus, I'm a sucker for heartwarming stories, like this Super Bowl win uplifting the spirits of a city (which I also love) still dealing with the ramifications of Katrina. So, congrats to New Orleans and the Saints...

On to newer sports news...

The Winter Olympics are finally here. Yes, I know Serena and Venus kick ass in tennis. Danica Patrick gives the boys a run for their money in car racing. And we have a professional womens' basketball league. Do I watch any of them? No. But I do love watching women compete in the Olympics (yes, even the winter ones), and I know a lot of other people who don't typically watch sports in general or womens' sports in particular do, too, so that kinda rocks.

But also just for the sports in general - where else can you cheer for men wearing tights and twirling on skates? Or watch competitive snowboarding? The sports in the Olympics can be spectacular, elegant, fun, and funky.

Except for curling. How is that a sport? I really don't get it. I have Canadian friends (in Vancouver, actually...) ... I really gotta get them to explain it to me.

So anyway, next ten days, lots of fun...Shaun White, Apolo Anton Ohno, Lindsay Vonn (if her injuries don't end up sidelining her) are just some of the Americans to watch...but tonight is the opening ceremony on NBC at 7:30 p.m. EST. Be there!

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