Thursday, October 18, 2012

New York Yankees: DOA

This isn't going to be a long post. I have more important things to worry about then the Yankees' pedestrian performance in this series. Game 4 of the ALCS isn't even over yet but I'm calling it. The Yanks were dead on arrival - I'm four months pregnant and I could've played better than these guys have.

It just boggles the mind how a team full of millionaire superstars can completely shut down in the postseason - they played well enough to come in first in their division, and yet they can't even score a run in the postseason? They can't even get a hit? I'm no baseball expert, but I know for a fact that you can't win a game if you can't get men on base, and you sure as heck can't win a series. The Detroit Tigers, in their defense, have been playing outstanding and that hasn't helped, but the Yanks are pretty equally as good, ordinarily. The past few games, they don't even look like they should be qualified to play Little League. My fiance says they haven't been playing with any fire, with any spirit, and maybe that's part of the problem - this is old hat to them, and they don't want it as badly as we, the fans, do. Losing Derek Jeter didn't help - the player this should be oldest hat for always gave 110 percent and played with heart, but a team that collapses after the loss of one player is not a team to begin with.

I don't feel like talking about A-Rod. I've never been his biggest fan to begin with, but I'm disappointed in the likes of Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and Nick Swisher - they're young enough that they should still care. Mark Texeira stepped up a bit but again, one player does not make a team. Raul Ibanez gave more than his share, putting to shame players 10 years younger than him, but as an older player, maybe this series meant more as possibly being his last.

All I can say is, I'm dumbfounded that a first place team can't put up more than big fat zeros in a do or die game, and it makes me really glad the baseball season is over. Now I can concentrate on a team that actually cares, the New York Giants. And it clears up my television watching schedule. So I guess that's a plus, too.


  1. Don't beat around the bush Mary. Tell us what you really think.

    1. This wasn't even as scathing as I wanted to be!