Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More football reading before the Super Bowl...

This is another story for anybody who's not that sure if they like football, not so sure they understand football, know they want nothing to do with the sport - a beautifully written essay by Aly Semigran on the show Friday Night Lights, which was about small town Texas high school football, but really about so much more. I was also never really into the high school football culture and was also reluctant to watch this show at first, but when it was on top of its game (pun intended), which it usually was, this was one of the best shows on television - you fell in love with the characters, and they made you kinda sorta fall in love with football. So, read the story at Television Without Pity here, and then even if you're not convinced that football is for you, don't worry about the Super Bowl - go and watch Friday Night Lights instead!

Go now - go! :)

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