Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl is super lame...


That was not what I was hoping for.

As it turns out, maybe it was a good thing I spent the entire first half running after my 10 month old daughter, missing pretty much everything on the tv - by the end of the very first play, Super Bowl XLVIII was over.

While it was very nice of the Denver Broncos to replace their regular team that got them to the big game with a bunch of pee wee players who had apparently never stepped onto a football field or held a ball, I guess I was hoping for some kind of actual competition. I had high expectations for a game boasting the best defense versus the best offense, but what we got was boring and disappointing. While I was rooting for the Broncos, I'm not upset the Seahawks won - they played hard and obviously wanted this win, and they did it all tied as the youngest team to win the Super Bowl. I'm upset - and I would venture to say that even some diehard Seattle fans are with me here - that this game was so lopsided. When you're playing a team like the Broncos and a QB like Peyton Manning, you want to beat them when they're at their best. You want them to play hard and play well, and still stick it to them. To have them not even show up cheapens the victory a little. That's my humble opinion. Obviously, wearing my Peyton Manning jersey is a jinx and not good luck - I've learned my lesson now. It's just, the Super Bowl is practically a national holiday, the chance for everyone to have fun and party, and it was just a huge let down. Which, after a year of sports letdowns, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by - well, so endeth the 2013 season, for real now. On the plus side, my daughter had a blast playing with new friends, oblivious to the horror show happening on the tv. And tIt's snowing outside now, six inches and counting - the world is beautiful and clean and bright. Let's hope this weather washes everything clean of 2013 sports so we can start fresh and new in 2014.

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