Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 inaugural trip to Yankee Stadium April 18

We're in the middle of a drought but of course it rained the day the boyfriend and I went to Yankee Stadium last week. I guess it could have been worse, whether it rained harder or was windier or colder.

Of course, it also could've been better - the Yankees could've beat the Twins and actually won the game. We got to the stadium halfway through the first inning and the score was already 0-4. Not cool, man. But it was fun anyway. We were sitting toward the front of the terrace level along the first base line, just into right field. It's amazing how much of a difference there is between how far away the grandstand feels and sitting just one level below.

But I love going to a game - I love eating Nathan's hotdogs and drinking a $12 beer (though I don't like paying for that beer!) and feeling the stadium shake and hearing everyone screaming and cheering. Plus, I got to see my baseball boyfriend, Joe Mauer, so that always makes for a good night! ;)

At least the Yanks have done better since then - the Red Sox are a mess right now and last night the Yanks actually beat the Texas Rangers, who have been on a roll so far this season. But what drives me nuts is that we're not even out of the first month and experts and fans are already lamenting whose season is over and what teams are done and whose going to win this whole thing. Really? When the Orioles are in first place, you know it's too early in the season - you gotta let things shake out still.

Anyway, this was the Twins' only trip to town this season but I'd like to get to a day game in the summer - those are my favorite baseball games. You can get some sun and make some friends, and it's not after midnight when you finally get home (unless, of course, it's a Yankees-Red Sox all-day marathon!)

New York takes on the Rangers again tonight - let's go, Yanks!

Yankee Stadium, April 18, 2012, versus the Minnesota Twins

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