Thursday, April 26, 2012

New York sports fan dilemma tonight...

If you're a New York sports fan, tonight is the night - the good news is, the Yankees are off and the Mets are playing this afternoon. The bad news is, you could be in a bit of a quandry - tonight at 8 p.m. the Knicks play their final game of the regular season and an hour earlier, the Rangers begin Game 7 against the Ottawa Senators to move on to the next round of the NHL playoffs. The Knicks already have a playoff spot, so I suppose the game tonight is not must-see-TV unless you're a super hardcore basketball fan - I guess that's also when a DVR comes in handy, if you're able to avoid commercials and Facebook status updates and tweets until you get a chance to watch the game yourself.

I think I might personally be checking out the Rangers game - Game 7 is do-or-die and though I'm not a hockey fan, I am a New York fan and I would love to get the chance to watch them play in the next round. They say New York doesn't get to see two sports champions in the same season and the Giants won the Super Bowl this year, which doesn't bode well for either the Rangers or the Knicks (though technically, the Super Bowl this year was for the 2011 season). We can still hope, though...everyone else already hates New Yorkers, we might as well give them a reason by winning everything! ;)

On another sports fan note, the boyfriend has really gotten into soccer lately and so we've been watching some of that - apparently there's some kind of Cup playoff going on in Europe right now...he's tried explaining it to me but I'm still not really understanding it. All I know is that Real Madrid and Barcelona are considered the top two teams - unfortunately, the boyfriend's adopted team of Barcelona was knocked out by Chelsea (I think). I'm sure we'll be watching more of those happenings, so as I understand more, I'll write more. But whatever your sport of choice, "root, root, root for the home team..."!

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