Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On a day when work is sending my blood pressure through the roof, a little sports humor to the rescue

Work is killing me today. Almost literally. I can feel my blood pressure rising and either my eyes or my brain are going to explode from the hundreds of names and thousands of scholarships (in veeeerrry tiny print) I'm proofreading for our yearly high school scholarship issue, so this column here by Steve Rushin on was a welcome relief and had me chuckling and, more importantly, my blood pressure dropping. For anyone who has ever watched sports and not known all the rules, or maybe only got half the rules plus lingo at most, if you were lucky and really paying attention OR for any true sports fanatics who are virtual encyclopedias of sports knowledge, I really enjoyed this read. It made me feel both more stupid AND less stupid as a sports fan at the same time. But totally in a good way, since at least for a few minutes it kept me from thinking about killing myself and/or my co-workers. Sports (and reading!) to the rescue - making the world a better (safer) place in action!

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