Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly sports musings: basketball, hockey, rugby, oh my!

I have no horse in any postseason race anymore, and so my interest has waned. A lot. Since I haven't watched a game since the New York Rangers were knocked out of the Stanley Cup race, I guess I'm still not a hockey fan. Since it was the Devils who did it, I'm kinda glad the L.A. Kings are one win away from their first championship.

Speaking of underdogs who have gone from an 0-2 deficit to a 3-2 lead, the Oklahoma City Thunder not only ended the Spurs' 20 game win streak, they've pushed San Antonio to the brink of being out of the race. Now, while I'm not a fan of any team in the NBA finals, there are teams I'm actively rooting against. Well, team. I'd much rather see the Spurs or Thunder in the Finals than the Celtics or Heat. Of course, only one team from the east and one from the west will make it, and both the teams I prefer are in the west - so whichever team wins from the west I'd like to kick the ass of whichever eastern team makes it in, although a complete underdog victory for the Thunder would be just awesome. But if a team from the east has to make it to the finals, the Celtics are the lesser of two evils - I have a LeBron James voodoo doll hidden under my bed that I like to stick with sharp pins during a game. I don't want the Heat to win. But I really, really, REALLY don't want LeBron to get a championship. LeBron is not as despicable a character as Kobe Bryant in my book, but he's disloyal and greedy and full of himself and for this female sports fan, yeah, that counts. I hope he gets to enjoy his big fat Miami paycheck and zero championships.

On another note, the boyfriend and I were watching college rugby championship games this week with Dartmouth versus Arizona. Maybe it's because it was a college level game and not professional, but the game just seemed pointless and dumb. First, it was only 20 minutes long - and regular season games are only 14 minutes. I feel like PAL games (obviously not rugby games, though) with 5-year-olds last longer than that. And I don't understand the point of a game where you can only pass the ball backwards. And where you get tackled but the other team doesn't try to strip you of the ball, where you just politely hand it off to one of your teammates. And where balls were being passed and run up the pitch and the other team wasn't doing anything to stop them. Maybe it's because I only saw one game. But as of right now, I just don't get it. I do, however, like their uniforms. Look at those massive thighs! 

Anyway...lest you're asking yourself, "Weren't you watching this with your boyfriend?," indeed I was, and I made the thigh comment to him as well, but softened it with saying he would look good in a rugby shirt - jersey? I have no idea - but he would.

Celtics vs. Heat tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST, Kings for the Stanley Cup win tomorrow at 8 p.m.

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