Friday, February 1, 2013

Thoughts on this weekend's Super Bowl XLVII

  • I was happy when the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots to make it to the Super Bowl - unfortunately, that leaves me pretty much "eh" about this year's competition. At least if the Patriots had made it, I'd have a team to vehemently root against. Of course, if they had made it, then I also run the risk of seeing them win it, so I guess it's good the Ravens are in. It's just not as exciting when there's no one team to root for or against.
  • When you don't really care either way who wins, that's when it's good to buy at least one box in a Super Bowl pool. Restaurants and bars have 'em, if you go to a Super Bowl party, it's likely someone will be organizing one. So you buy one box or a few, and then even if you don't have a team you hope wins, you have a score you can root for, and usually its at the end of each quarter, so it keeps you engaged throughout the game. It's fun to be able to root for something.
  • The most interesting storyline of this Super Bowl? You mean, the Har-bowl? Anyone tired of hearing that term yet? But it's a fun storyline - first time two head coaches who are brothers meet in the Super Bowl. Takes sibling rivalry to a whole other level! Don't envy the Harbaugh parents or anyone watching the game in THAT household.
  • Another interesting storyline? Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Rookie QB, gets his golden opportunity when starting QB Alex Smith is sidelined, and impresses his coaches enough that they decide to stick with him even when Smith is doing better. It's a somewhat sad story for the veteran QB but it's a feel good story for Kaepernick. Everyone likes to see the new kid not only given a chance but shining when given that chance. Plus, going to the Super Bowl for the team he's wanted to play for since he was 9? We'll see a TV movie about that one day.
  • Will Beyonce sing live at the half time show? Personally, I don't care, but I'm sure some people do. The half time show doesn't really do it for me.
  • Commercials - they're usually entertaining. Let's hope we get some good ones this year!
  • Who do I think will win? Eh, I don't know. Like I said, I really don't care. I like Kaepernick's story I guess, but I've always been a fan of Joe Flacco, the Ravens' QB. I guess we'll see during the game if I start to lean either way. I'm bring dollar bills for the pool - I think I'll probably just end up rooting for a score.
I guess that's it - wherever you are, whether at a bar, a party, at home, enjoy the game, or at least enjoy the company and the food! Be safe!

Who do you think will win? Are you looking forward to the game?

Super Bowl XLVII with the Baltimore Ravens vs. the San Francisco 49ers will be coming to you from New Orleans at 6:30 p.m. this Sunday, Feb. 3.

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