Monday, June 16, 2008

The brothers Manning and some sports updates

The NBA Finals will be going to at least a Game 6, as the Lakers beat the Celtics last night. Fortunately for all you Boston fans, the next two games (if a Game 7 is needed) are back in Boston, and while homecourt advantage sometimes seems kinda arbitrary and not really, well, real, apparently Boston has a phenomenal record at home, so hopefully they'll be able to close this series out and send the Losers, I mean Lakers, back home.

There's a big European men's soccer tournament going on right now, Uefa Euro 2008. I think the first round is almost over, with 2 out of 4 teams from each group advancing and with some possible surprise early exits - 6th ranked Czech Republic, 7th ranked France, 8th ranked Greece, and most disappointingly for a good friend of mine if it happens, 3rd ranked Italy. Another friend of mine is excited to see his favorite team, Portugal, advance, and as everyone seems to be lining up behind whatever team is representing the land of their forefathers, I guess I might as well start rooting for Germany.

Anyway, enough about sports updates...let's talk about the real reason you're reading this entry: the brothers Manning, both Super Bowl champs. If you have read some of my earlier blogs, you already know that both Peyton and Eli are currently two of my top sports crushes, which is why I nearly died of a heart attack when I saw them both out at the Maritime Hotel in New York City Saturday night.

Now, New York is not L.A. when it comes to running into celebrities, but there are celebrities in New York, though of the more low-key, not-being-hounded-by-the-paparrazzi variety, and if you go there enough, you're bound to run into one. Once I passed right next to Molly Shannon walking on the street. Another time I ran into Liev Schrieber coming out of his apartment building. The point is, it happens, and I always liked to think that I would be cool, I would be calm, I would be collected. I would be too sophisticated to faint or shriek or act in any way to painted me as a super girly girl or a celebrity-crazed groupie stalker. I would be so casual and nonchalant that said celebrity would notice and think to themselves, "Look how unaffected she is. That's awesome. I want to be friends with her." I know. I look normal on the outside, but inside, I am mentally deranged.

Where was I? Right. Grace under pressure and all that crap. I was at the Maritime bar with four girlfriends from Jersey and four guy friends from Vancouver and it was the guys, of course, being guys, who noticed the Mannings eating dinner. And being huge sports fans and apparently Colt fans, actually walked over to the Mannings and said hello. And then used the fact that they had come all the way from the flippin' West Coast to guilt Peyton into taking a picture with them. All while I stood there, mouth agape in awe and shock, unable to do anything but keep saying, "Oh my God, those are the Mannings!" and giggle like a school girl. I practically swooned. Yep, that's me - cool as a cucumber. I can't imagine why more celebrities don't want to hang out with me. In my defense, these were two of my top sports crushes sitting two feet away from me, in person. I acted the same way I would've acted around any normal hot guy I had a crush on. Love makes me tongue-tied and silly. Don't tell Peyton and Eli's wives. Who were sitting right there at the table with them.

The long and short of it is, I was totally psyched to run into the Manning brothers. I was totally disappointed in myself for how much of a girly girl I turned into. I am now totally psyched for football to start again. I'm not in that picture with Peyton Manning, but gosh darn it, I'm the one who took it!

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