Monday, June 2, 2008

A strong, manly man named...Boof?

Athletes, like anyone else with ambition and drive, want to stand out and be noticed and probably a litle bit feared. One way to be recognized is simply by having a unique, memorable name. My question is, is it possible to take that tactic too far? Silly names - given, nick, or otherwise - is an art of intimidation I am not familiar with. The names of the following athletes? Willing to bet they're striking fear into the hearts of no one...

Boof Bonser - starting pitcher for the Minnesota Twins. Birth name John Paul, which is a somewhat boring but perfectly respectable name. Boof sounds like something you'd name a cocker spaniel puppy. Or something you use to wash with in the shower.

Coco Crisp - birthname Covelli Loyce, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox. Or breakfast cereal? We're not really sure...

Chipper Jones - thirdbaseman for the Atlanta Braves. Birth name, Larry Wayne. I'm thinking Chipper is not a respectable nickname for any boy over the age of five. Or maybe anyone.

Milton Bradley - that's his actual name, and he's an outfielder for the Texas Rangers. Or he makes a lot of boardgames?

Joba Chamberlain - born Justin Louis, pitcher for the New York Yankees. His niece couldn't pronounce his name and so called him "Joba." Not sure that's a good enough reason to legally change your name to something so silly...and spelling it "Joba" doesn't change the fact that when you say it out loud, it's still "Jabba," as in "Jabba the Hutt." But Joba gets a pass. First, because I am a Yankee fan. And second, because he's so frickin' good that despite his name, he actually does kinda strike fear into the hearts of his opponents.

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