Thursday, June 12, 2008

A show for girls who like sports about a girl who likes sports

The show is "My Boys" on TBS and actually, even if you don't like sports, you should check it out. The main character is a girl, PJ, who is a sports writer in Chicago on the Cubs beat - she's all about baseball and stats and sports and poker and she has a girly girl best friend from college but mostly her circle consists of her brother and a group of guy friends (hence, the title).

Every episode in the first season revolves around some kind of sports (mostly baseball) metaphor for life and the situations PJ and her friends find themselves in, but sports aside, the show just feels real - PJ isn't a stereotype...she'd rather play poker or watch the game at the local sports bar, but she'll get dressed up for a date and fawn over her college crush and she's far from perfect, making mistakes and pissing people off. On top of that, the guys in her circle are some of the most real guys I've ever seen on tv, in their interactions with each other and with women. And the way they all banter and argue and tease and have inside jokes and try to act cool with those outside their circle but aren't afraid to let loose their inner dorks around their best friends, you really believe these people have been friends for years. Add to that a close, positive non-dysfunctional brother-sister relationship, and there's so much material here that you could forget this show is sports-centric (if you wanted to - sometimes my agenda is not to push sports but to push quality television shows).

The first season wasn't perfect, but what first season ever is? The second season premieres tonight on TBS at 9:30 p.m. Check it out!

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