Friday, June 27, 2008

Subway Series

So, this weekend the Mets and Yankees are playing a four game Subway Series, always exciting stuff here in New York. Nothing divides people and causes more bickering than declaring your allegiance as a fan of one team or the other. Lord knows how my best friend and I are still so close, what with her being a diehard Mets fan and me one of the Yanks. Avoiding each other as much as possible this weekend will probably help. Also, I'm one of the more laidback Yankee fans out there. I support all New York teams. Plus, it helps that my team is just better than hers. :)

Anyway, today they play a doubleheader - the first game is all tied up at 1 at Yankee Stadium right now, and tonight they'll take the series back to Shea for another game tonight and two more over the weekend. I really want the Yanks to win. The Mets kind of embarrassed them in this past spring's Subway Series. Right now, though, Mike Pelfrey is pitching for the Mets, which is leaving me torn, because Pelfrey is today's Crush of the Day:

I discovered this new crush when I went to Shea and saw him pitch against the Arizona Diamondbacks recently. He took a 3-0 game all the way into the ninth inning and even got a hit (something most pitchers, even National League pitchers, have trouble doing). He did a great job. And he's 6'7" (I've been known to like my men ridiculously tall). Plus, look how adorable! Anyway, I want the Yanks to win but I hate to see Pelfrey lose. These are the dilemmas I face as a female sports fan. I doubt these kinds of thoughts ever enter the minds of my male counterparts, which is why us girls have to stick together!

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