Friday, June 13, 2008

Three down, 1 to go...

As I've stated before, I've long given up on basketball, due to the dreadful, dismal state of my New York Knicks. But I've actually caught the last two NBA Finals games between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics and for a moment, I was transported to 1994, when I used to love watching this game. It was a strange and bittersweet feeling...

In any case, I hate the LA Lakers. Why? Probably no rational reason. I have an inherent inability, I think, to root for any overhyped, overpowering team that's on top (except for my Yankees). Which has been the Lakers, but is not the Lakers, since the Celtics, from what I can discern, have had an incredibly awesome season and I don't think came into these Finals as the underdogs. But then there's Kobe Bryant, who I loathe. He may be the greatest basketball player of the 21st century so far, but he's a despicable human being. And Phil Jackson annoys me to no end, simply because he used to coach teams that used to beat the Knicks. Told ya. Nothing rationale.

So I'm rooting for the Celtics. My best friend would say it's because I'm Irish, and maybe she's right. I'm not really a fan of any Boston team (Red Sox? Patriots?) but the Celtics don't bother me. And coming back last night from such a large deficit to beat LA on the Laker's home court just makes me kinda like them all the more. They're up now 3 games to 1.

Game 5 is in LA on Sunday, on ABC at 9.

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