Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking for the silver lining...

I listened to the demise of the New York Yankees' season as I was on the phone with my boyfriend, the ultimate fairweather Yankee fan, spoiled by the excess riches of the late 1990s. Openly he talks about the bad trades, the bloated (in salary AND body weight) superstars, the lack of a farm system, the lack of hunger or drive in aging players who have already won it all, but secretly, inside, he's still the 12-year-old boy who is just star-struck by his favorite players and really wants them to win, really really REALLY.

Well, not tonight. Tonight the Yankees couldn't even buy a run - they had to depend on the Tigers to just hand them out - and the boyfriend commented on Robinson Cano being so obviously upset by the loss - Cano IS the future of the Yankees, young and hungry and farm-grown, but unlike Posada and Rivera and Pettitte and Jeter who all came up together in the '90s, Cano is alone in his desire to win it all. At least until the old guard is gone and a new guard, hopefully young guard, comes up.

But both the boyfriend and my father, in expressing their frustration and condolences, respectively, to the Yanks' loss tonight, made me look for the silver lining in this. If the Yankees had won, if they had gotten past the FIRST FRICKING ROUND (sorry - still a little frustrated!) my whole October could've been tied up in the baseball schedule. Depending on how far they got, I would've tried to schedule work assignments and hanging out with friends and alone tv time and going to the bar tv time around when the Yankees were playing. Now, I'm not a slave to the postseason. Now, I can do what I want, when I want, with whomever I want. Now, I am only a slave to the football season schedule. (Don't ask me to do anything or see anybody on a Sunday unless it's FOOTBALL related!)

Ha ha.

On a related football note, my father was asking me today if I had a New York Jets jersey and I said I didn't, and that led into a discussion about which player to get - Ferguson or Revis or Sanchez or whoever. My dad was like, "It doesn't really matter, does it, as long as it's pink?" To which I replied, "It doesn't have to be pink, as long as it has sparkles."

I may love sports, but I'm still a girl, yo.

Yankees RIP

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