Monday, October 17, 2011

A sports fan dichotomy

Sometimes, I am just the quintessential sports fan - I was hanging out with the boyfriend and some of his friends over the weekend and we started talking about the baseball playoffs and while his (male) friend watched, the boyfriend and I got into an excited, animated discussion about teams, players, stats, et cetera.

Yesterday, while he and I were cleaning the apartment, we got into an almost philosophical conversation about televised football versus soccer and the role commercial breaks play in not only the game but in our enjoyment of the game.

I can more than hold my own in a sports conversation, is what I'm saying.

But sometimes, I am just the quintessential girl.

When we were watching the New York Giants play the Buffalo Bills yesterday, I had to ask the boyfriend what a "pass interference" penalty meant, and he was good about explaining how a defender can legally or illegally cover the receiver, and even pointed out when it happened again. I also had to ask why some fouls warrant a 10-yard penalty and others put the ball at the site of the foul. I watch this game all the time and I still don't know all those little details. My brain just can't hold onto those tiny facts for some reason. I will probably be asking him to explain it again to me next week.

And the ultimate girl move - we were both hoping there was some way in which the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots could both lose to each other, but whereas his dislike of both teams has more of a rational sports basis, when he asked me why I don't like Tony Romo or Tom Brady, I had to tell him it's basically because I think both guys are douches. Also, Brady looked like a dirty hobo before he cut his hair. I have my sports basis-dislike as well - Romo is (or at least was) overrated and Brady sits on the field and pouts when things don't go his way. I'm a sports fan, definitely, but I'm first and foremost a girl - being a douche is enough of a reason for me to root against you. If some girls root for Brady because he's cute (and he is and they do), then I think it's only fair.

Jets game tonight - after two New York losses last week, hoping for two New York wins this week!

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