Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yanks vs. Tigers: coming around again...

...the adrenaline and stomach butterflies and excitement and dread, that is. As it turns out, the bell tolled only for the Tampa Bay Rays Tuesday night - every other team that was in a do-or-die situation came through, except all that did was postpone the whole white-knuckle, nail-biting scenario of your team either going home for the winter or making it to the next round.

I read somewhere online that nowadays the do-or-die, winner-takes-all scenario of actually playing every game in a series has become a rarity in the MLB postseason - I can see that, as it seems teams will usually sweep, or only give up one game. But here we are, with three out of four of the division series going to a fifth game. Talk about exciting!

So tonight I will be watching the New York Yankees play the Detroit Tigers one last time this year. On Wednesday I had on my Yankees sweatpants for good luck and I practically forced my boyfriend to give me control of the remote (yes, that happened, and it was not easy and will probably never happen again) so that I could be sure he didn't keep flipping around to see what else was on during the game. And tonight I'll do it all over again. Except I have to work rihgt up until 8, which  is when the game starts, so I will be running home to my sweats. And the boyfriend gets off from baseball duty tonight with me. Sometimes I feel bad for him. But now he knows what it's like to be the girlfriend of a sports-obsessed guy. That sounded weird. But then again, I'm cool enough that I let him take me to Hooters. I don't feel that bad for him.

If the Yankees play tonight the way they did Tuesday, like they really want it, like they're hungry for it, like they're willing to play hard, if every player is willing to fall flat on their faces and skin their knees to catch a ball the way Curtis Granderson did, TWICE, then they can win. Let's just hope the Tigers don't want it more! :)

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