Thursday, March 29, 2012

The perfect sport?

The boyfriend and I got into a discussion last night about what exactly is the perfect sport. He's been watching a lot of soccer lately and had been discussing the sport with his father yesterday. I, as you all know, am a huge fan of the New York Yankees and New York Giants, but even I will admit that each game has failings: baseball can be long and boring and football has too many commercials. The boyfriend, who is an ambivalent Yankee fan, agrees with both those assessments. He likes soccer, because there are almost no commercial interruptions, but most of the games are very low-scoring, which doesn't make for a whole lot of action. I forgot what his problem with basketball was, but I'm sure he mentioned too many commercials and excessive salaries. (As you may have guessed, he's not a huge fan of the sports-as-moneymaker-for-networks-and-players angle). He finally landed on rugby, which he claims has few commercial interruptions and lots of action, before admitting that perhaps hockey is the perfect game.

Except neither of us watch hockey.

I'm intrigued by hockey - I think its similarity to soccer and lacrosse, except that it's on skates, would make it easier for me to learn to understand than, say, rugby, which I don't get at all, but I've never had anyone around who watches hockey and can explain it to me, I don't know any of the players, and I don't like to ice skate.

I'm a girl. Not liking ice skating is allowed to be on my list of criteria for not watching a sport.

But, now that the New York Rangers are killing it and have secured a playoff spot, maybe I should finally give hockey a go...

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