Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Tebow to be a Jet?

That's what all the news outlets are reporting, that the Denver Broncos just traded Tebow to the New York Jets. What's interesting to me about that is that a few Jets fans, including my die-hard Jets fan brother, picked Tebow and the Broncs as their team to root for in the playoffs since the Jets didn't make it.

This move, though, doesn't make any sense to me unless they're not planning on starting Tebow as QB. Mark Sanchez has been inconsistent but he's consistently led his team, with the exception of this past season, to the playoffs for several years in a row, and not just to the first round of the playoffs. Maybe having Tebow there to compete for the starting position will light a fire under Sanchez to work harder and get better, but he's young and he's personable and he deserves a chance to grow into being a great quarterback. NBC Sports' Michael David Smith raised an interesting question though, that maybe the Jets would plan to use Tebow as a wildcat quarterback, much as they did with Brad Smith when he was on the team - Smith played QB in college and having those skills allowed the Jets to play as if they had two quarterbacks on the field at one time, even though Smith was usually not in the QB position. I'm more of a Giants fan than a Jets fan, so I'm not really that emotionally invested in the outcome, but I do like Sanchez, so I hope he's not gone - I would hate to see him pushed out the same way Tebow was just pushed out of Denver, but I guess we'll see what happens...


  1. Tebow is a wildcat offense threat. Tony Sparano, the new Offensive Coordinator, is the "father of the wildcat offense". They could use Tebow the way they used Brad Smith when he was a Jet; as a QB or RB or WR. Tebow can do all those things.