Thursday, March 1, 2012

New York Knicks win, again: bizarro world continues

Last night the boyfriend and I were flipping around the television channels. Mostly we were watching The Godfather, because, well, the movie rocks. Hard. But during commercial breaks we were watching the Knicks-Cavs game. Two minutes of game, then back to the movie. But here's the kicker. I started enjoying myself so much watching the Knicks - the Knicks! - that I kinda wanted to keep the channel on the game. Instead of watching The Godfather, one of the all time great movies, ever.

Bizarro world.

The thing is - and this will sound familiar to anyone who has heard me go on and on about my love for Nick Swisher - the Knicks looked like they were having fun. Maybe they were having fun because they were starting to do well, but maybe they were starting to do well because they were having fun, but the whole dynamic of the game changed in that the players were looking energized and the bench was dancing and cheering and the *crowd* was chanting *for* the team and suddenly the Knicks looked like they wanted it and they were going for it. With all the dunks and alley-oops the Knicks were rocking, those players were beginning to look like they could literally fly. Like superheroes. The boyfriend, as we started watching the game, was telling me how the Knicks don't typically play well defensively, but then *he* started to get into the game as they started stealing the ball and getting those rebounds and basically, stepping up their defense.

The Knicks were looking good...I feel like I'm in a whole 'nother universe. The boyfriend did admit that the Cavs haven't been all that great of a team since LeBron James totally gave Cleveland the finger and jumped ship, but considering the Cavaliers were beating the Knicks by 17 points at one point last night, it was a pretty exciting win. Special shout-out to Jeremy Lin, of course, and to Steve Novak, whose sweet spot is apparently the entire court as he was sinking every three-pointer he was putting up.

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