Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2,721 down, 1 to go...

Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig tonight for the most hits ever by a Yankee.

The past couple of days saw Jeter go 0 for 12 before finally getting 3 hits tonight. And though he failed to surpass the record tonight, the season isn't over. And Jeter's career isn't over either.

If you know nothing about baseball, you know the name Lou Gehrig. Possibly simply because of its association with ALS, the degenerative disease that forced Gehrig's early retirement and eventually killed him. But Gehrig is one of the game's greats. And in a baseball era of greed, cheating, and individual fame-seeking, it's nice to see Gehrig's record tied and probably broken by the team player and class act that is Jeter. Plus, in a season where Boston has, yet again, let me down by failing to make the AL East more than a one-team race (if there's only one team in the running, is it even a race?), Jeter's chasing of Gehrig's record adds a little buzz and excitement to an otherwise unnewsworthy coasting to the regular season finish line.

The Yankees have an off day tomorrow, so I'll wish Jeter good luck for the game on Friday, and since I'll be on a mini vacation to the North Fork, I'll hope that I can find a bar with a tv so I can watch Yankee history unfold! :)

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