Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to form

Enough of this not making it to the postseason crap from last year. Last night, a Ranger loss or a Yankee win was all that was necessary for the Yankees to clinch at least a wild card spot in the postseason, and by (just barely) beating the Angels, they secured that spot.

These West Coast games really kill me, though. Staying up till 1 on a worknight because the game is tied at 5 in the 8th inning does not make me a happy camper in the morning. Coming out on top helps a little. Thank god for an early game today (12:30 their time, 3:30 ours), but the fact that the Yankees still haven't figured out the Angels, or at best have just barely figured them out occasionally, worries me for the postseason. Angels, Yanks, Boston will definitely be in. AL Central is still a race between first place Detroit and the Twins right on their heels.

We all know I'm biased. I'm kinda rooting for the Twins.

Mauer Power!

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