Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL Week One: A good day for New York teams

This weekend was the finale of my month-long 30th birthday celebration so I'll man up and admit that until noon today, I forgot there would be football games on this afternoon - I know, I'm a terrible fan! But I was home in time watch both the Jets and the Giants and neither game disappointed.

The Jets have a new head coach, Rex Ryan, and a rookie quarterback, Mark Sanchez. I wouldn't say there's been controversy over both, but I will say there's been a lot of off-season discussion about how both will fare. If the rest of the season is like today's game, it seems they'll be okay. Sanchez was completing passes like it's his job - oh wait, it is! - but there's something exciting about watching someone, especially a very young newbie someone, play a smooth, well executed game. It's almost like a beautifully choreographed dance. Or some other disgustingly poetic and girly comparison, ha ha...

I would say the Giants game was not quite as smooth, although they also came away with a victory...Eli Manning is looking more and more like his brother every day, and Steve Smith is the player who particularly stood out today with some outstanding catches on the field.

I watched the Jets game with my dad. He's a huge Jets fan. I'm more of a Giants fan, as is made evident by the two (yes, two) Eli Manning jerseys I own - I don't wear them at any time except Sundays during the football season, but one is a Super Bowl XLII edition. The other, according to my dad, is "not a Giant's jersey" as it's got powder blue lettering and sparkles on it, so I explained to him that it's a girl's jersey and that he's lucky I didn't get the pink one. But I love my girl's jersey, and apparently he didn't know I root for the Giants, even though it's been two seasons since I jumped on that bandwagon. Dad, now you know! ... but I appreciate all teams New York, so I enjoy watching the Jets with my dad. He explains all the things I don't understand - and there are still a lot of things I don't understand about the game, so I ask tons of questions - plus, he always has snacks! :)

Next week - Jets v. Patriots and Giants v. Cowboys. Should be good!

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