Monday, September 21, 2009

Fantasy baseball playoffs begin!

So, I play fantasy baseball on You can have up to five teams. This year I had four. Last year I did really poorly because all my teams were Yankee-heavy, and the Yanks just sucked up one side and down the other. This year, my teams are still Yankee-heavy, but because, despite evidence to the contrary this week, the Yankees are doing well this season, all four of my teams made it to the postseason, which begins today.

It adds another layer of being invested in the season, and it kinda helps you learn who some of the other major players in the MLB are - or, if you're teams completely suck, who they're not. My teams go heavy on Joe Mauer, too, obviously, as well as other AL players, since I'm more familiar with players and teams the Yankees actually play against. Not complaining about having Albert Pujols on one of my rosters though. Never get to see him play unless the Cards make it to the postseason, but arguably the best player in baseball today.

Although I'm still captain of Team Mauer. Don't tell Jeter...

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