Monday, September 21, 2009

Manning to Manningham to Manninghamton...

...just kidding. There's no Manninghamton. Though if there were a third part of an offensive (that's a play by the offense, not a play meant to offend) play by the NY Giants, they might have to hire someone with a third syllable added on to the Manning - Manningham name just to make it super awesome...

The Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football tonight with four seconds on the clock. This inaugural game at the new Cowboy's stadium between these archrivals was exactly the kind of game you hope for - nailbiting, edge-of-your-seat, changing leads, great plays, lucky plays, etc. etc. - as long as your team comes out on top. Which mine did. Anyway, a lot of the credit for the win goes to Eli Manning's passes and Mario Manningham's receptions. Steve Smith also played a large role, and I urge him to consider changing his name to Steve Manninghamton to complete the pattern. Steve Manninghamly would also be acceptable.

Congrats also go to the New York Jets, who beat the New England Patriots - defensively in the first half, and offensively with some great plays by rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez finally stepping up in the second half.

No comment on my Yanks, who are doing everything in their power for some reason to keep from reaching 100 wins this season...I never wrote that I thought they could do it, so I couldn't have jinxed it...stop settling! Boston has stepped up their game. You don't have to kill yourselves, but strike some kind of fear in the hearts of your opponents. There's no excuse for losing to the Mariners. No offense, Seattle.

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