Monday, September 29, 2008

Good news for Jets fans, bad news for Mets fans

So, the Jets are even going into next week's bye week (no game) after a win against the Arizona Cardinals yesterday. I thought the game was kinda sloppy, with a lot of turnovers. But if you can pull out a win anyway, then I guess I can't really complain.

The Mets' postseason hopes came down to the last game of the season yesterday. As a sports fan, sometimes I think that's the way it should be, with all teams at the same competitive level, with the excitement of will-they-won't-they lasting until the very end. No major blowouts, being so much better than everybody else. No limping to the finish line, playing games that nobody's watching because they don't mean anything. My heart really can't take that kind of excitement, though, unless my team ends up winning. And yesterday, the Mets did not. A huge disappointment, but I think the writing had been on the wall with their utter lack of a bullpen. You can't blow leads and blow games over and over again and then expect to lock up a postseason berth and make everything all better in the final game. It doesn't work that way. The good news? Maybe last season will no longer be looked at as one of the biggest collapses in sports history. Maybe now it'll just be looked at as the Mets pulling a Mets. (Sorry, Dania!)

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