Monday, September 8, 2008

Serena, Brett, Tom Brady, oh my!

Congrats to Serena Williams for winning the women's U.S. Open yesterday. Women athletes don't get a lot of play, but those Williams sisters do a hell of a job representin'...

Brett Favre looked pretty good in the Jets' win yesterday over the Miami Dolphins (and it was still a little sad to see Chad Pennington in a Dolphins' jersey!). But he threw a couple of great passes, including one 50+ yard one for a touchdown, so maybe his addition to the team will be a good thing - I'm a little less nervous for them than I was. And I also mean he "looked pretty good" in that even pushing 40, he's still pretty easy on the eyes!

Tom Brady left the Patriots' game yesterday with a knee injury that could end his season. Nobody wants to see anybody get injured, and definitely not injured so badly that they have to sit out an entire season, but as a New York sports fan, if somebody had to suffer that injury, I can't think of anyone better for us than Tom Brady. For anyone unfamiliar with football heartthrobs, er, quarterbacks, Brady is the father of Bridget Moynihan's son and is currently dating Gisele Bundchen. He's also the guy the Giants beat to win the Super Bowl last year. The road to the Super Bowl will probably be easier for everyone (sans the Patriots) without him in the game, but I'd like to wish him a speedy and complete recovery anyway.

And I'd like to end this entry by saying that I have a new favorite commercial, an Oreos commercial featuring the Williams sisters and the Manning brothers, which is just hilarious. "Well, my brother and I would like to announce that it's on like Donkey Kong!" That will never get old. I'll admit up front that I love pretty much any commercial that Peyton Manning is in, they always crack me up, but Serena, Venus, and Eli do a great job too...


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