Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MLB Fantasy League

For the past three years, I've participated in the Major League Baseball fantasy league on MLB.com. I love baseball, but as I've said, there are so many games in a season (162) that individual games don't always have that do-or-die feel. Because I get points for how my players do, it can add a bit of excitement, looking for big plays from certain players, in a game that might otherwise be fun to watch but not necessary to win. Also, it expands my horizons as I might have players on my team that I wouldn't follow otherwise - would I normally care how the Dodgers or Cardinals or Rangers played? Probably not, but I would if I had one of their players on my team.

Anyway, this year I'm playing four teams. I feel too unknowledgeable to participate in a live draft (actively choosing the players for my teams) so I'm participating in a list draft set for 2 am on April 3 - the computer chooses my players based on prerankings chosen by MLB or which I can set for myself. I don't have great draft spots. 5 and two 8s (out of 12 spots), which are frustrating middle-of-the-road numbers, and one team which is 12, which is seemingly the worst pick of all, but which every other round gets to pick first. So that could be helpful. I'm anxious to who I end up with on my teams.

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