Thursday, April 3, 2008

Top sports crushes

Forget about celebrities or the boy next door. More than a few athletes are more than physically fit - some of my top sports crushes are super cute, others are just adorable in how nice or funny they seem.

Sports crushes...expanding girls' sports horizon since the invention of the ball!

Not listed in any particular order:

1. Joe Mauer, catcher, Minnesota Twins

Every year the ballpark out there has a Joe Mauer Day where they give out fake sideburns to the kids. My good friend who lives there had to beg her 5 year old niece for hers to send to me as a gift for my birthday, for which I am very grateful. The only baseball T-shirt I own that isn't Yankee related is a Joe Mauer Twins one. Won the American League batting title in 2006, the first AL catcher to do so and the youngest at 23 since Alex Rodriguez did it in 1996 at age 21.

2. David Wright, 3rd base, New York Mets

Along with Jose Reyes, makes the SS-3rd base side of the infield a force to be reckoned with, both offensively and defensively. Just seems like a decent guy too, and I only just realized that in looks (as well as demeanor) he reminds me of former Yankee first baseman Tino Martinez, which can do nothing but help him stay one of my top crushes as Martinez is my All Time Top Sports Crush.

3. Grady Sizemore, outfield, Cleveland Indians

Female fans of Sizemore's (and there are a lot of them!) call themselves Grady's Ladies.

4. The Manning Brothers - Peyton, quarterback, Indianapolis Colts; Eli, quarterback, New York Giants

Some people may find Peyton's many commercial endorsements. Personally, I find them hilarious, and his stint as host of SNL showed that he could act naturally in front of the camera, that he had decent comedic timing, and that he had absolutely no problem poking fun at himself, which might be the most endearing thing of all. His brother, Eli, took a lot of flak for not being the leader the Giants needed and finally stepped up to the challenge, coming into his own at the end of the 2007 regular season and successfully pulling his team together. Both the Mannings led their respective teams to Super Bowl championships.

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