Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rooting for the "underdog" in the Final Four

If you watch the Final Four this weekend and are looking for some kind of "underdog" to root for (how can there be a real, true underdog with four top-seeded teams playing, is what you're probably asking), my friend (who after his top pool pick Xavier got knocked out at first reluctantly threw his hat into the UCLA ring, but which I'm happy to report has returned to his going-against-the-grain attitude) has decided to stand behind Kansas. Out of all the teams that made it this far, they were the closest to being upset in the Elite Eight. While the other teams won by huge blowouts, Kansas, a No. 1 seed, beat No. 10 seed Davidson 59-57, pretty much by the skin of their teeth. So can they hold their own against another No. 1 when they just barely beat a No. 10? I guess that kinda makes for underdog status, even if being the worst of the best still means you're pretty frickin' good.

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