Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Bowl dilemma of the day: what jersey?

The Super Bowl is a little more than a week away. I don't know if it's the same for guys, but for girls, now we're getting into crunch time for what is quite possibly the most important aspect of the Super Bowl, whether we're watching at home or out at a party: what jersey do we wear?

This is a more easily resolved issue when you're just watching for kicks, but when your team is playing, you want to not only represent, but represent well.

I already own three jerseys, all of them Manning, two of which are in the running for this year's game (rocked my Peyton Manning jersey the year the Colts lost to the Saints :( - a powder blue sparkly #10 and a Super Bowl XLII Eli Manning jersey. There are no cute women's jerseys available this year, which is making me lean toward just wearing one of the ones I already own (plus, superstitious fan girl that I am, they've helped carry the Giants successfully this far so far).

But then there's the whole falling in love with Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul this season that makes me want to represent them - and there are two versions of the Super Bowl XLVI men's jerseys that I kinda like. But I get cold feet whenever I think about buying a jersey for a player other than an established quarterback, because what if next year Cruz or JPP are playing for another team? And what if the Giants (god forbid) lose the Super Bowl (no jinx!) - would I want to be reminded of that every time I wear it should I end up buying a new Super Bowl jersey? And do I want to ruin what is so far a perfect Manning jersey purchase streak?

So guys, while this week you're deciding whose party to attend and what beer to bring and whether or not you actually want to bring your girlfriend/wife with you because all she wants to do is watch the commercials and ask questions during the game, THIS is what I will be stressing about.

Yes, I'm a little insane...go Giants!!

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