Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia: too cute for words

So we're going to take a break from football talk today to mention how I am right at this moment catching up on Royal Pains, one of my guilty pleasure tv shows (and boy, do I have a lot of them!) Joanna Garcia is guess starring in this episode from last night - she is just too adorable. I hated her in Reba but I've liked her in just about everything else she's ever done. Which is why I was totally on board when she and New York Yankee Nick Swisher (one of my favorites for just being so obvious that he loves the sport he plays and he loves the fans he plays for) not only started dating, but a little over a year ago got married. I didn't even notice her names in the credits, but as soon as I saw her on screen, I realized I HAD seen her name in the credits but that it had an extra word in it - apparently, now she's going professionally by the name Joanna Garcia Swisher. How cute is that? Guys may think us girls can be catty about other girls, especially when said females are dating athletes we're crushing on, but when you like the player AND you like the woman, you just can't help but be happy for them. I hope those two make it!

Here endeth our football break. :)

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