Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The calm after the storm

If Tuesdays weren't deadline day at work and super busy as a result, this fan girl would've been up at the crack of dawn to see the Giants' championship parade in New York City this morning. I have fond memories of attending the New York Yankees parade in 2009 with my brother, almost being crushed by a wave of rabid fans. Of course, this is my favorite photo of that day:

Nick Swisher greets Yankees fans at the championship parade in 2009.

It's just so apparent how excited Nick Swisher is to be there with his fans. His love of the game and of the fans is contagious. I could get used to this championship parade thing happening every few years. I am resolved to go to the next one, which hopefully won't be too far off!

Anywho...football season is officially over. Baseball doesn't start until the spring. And so begins the sports lull in my life, the void I have to try to fill every single year. Sometimes I have a winter Olympics to watch. Sometimes I give the Knicks a go. I tried college basketball for awhile. I still don't understand hockey. So I hope the Giants are enjoying the celebration of their victory today, and until MLB's opening day 2012, I am open to suggestions on how to get my sports fix until then!

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