Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My two cents on Gisele Bundchen's two cents...

So, I'm a little late to the game when it comes to the comments Gisele made following the Pats' Super Bowl loss blaming the New England receivers, but it's everywhere...EVERYONE is talking about it. And since I'm a girl which means I must love tabloid fodder and love to gossip, here's my two cents...

I am not a Tom Brady fan...but I'm also not a Gisele fan. I think she is a large reason that people don't like Brady, that they find him unrelatable. And - shocker - I'm about to say something nice about Tom Brady; I think Gisele could take a page out of her husband's playbook when it comes to being gracious about losing and not throwing anyone under the bus. It doesn't do anybody any good to lay blame to the media and to the public, and while Gisele was not giving an interview, she was in a public place surrounded by, well, the public.

I liked very much what Herm Edwards said on Sports Center yesterday when he was asked about whether or not Gisele was right in what she said - he noted that emotions run high after a game, and negative emotions run extremely high after such a devastating loss. Edwards noted that Gisele was venting, which is fair enough, but when he was coaching and his teams lost, he would meet with his wife privately and allow her to vent for five minutes, which made her feel better and better able to be stoic and more importantly, QUIET, in public afterward, whether giving an interview or not. I thought that was a smart and understanding solution to that kind of scenario. Gisele's behavior just made her - and by association, her husband, who defended Wes Welker like a good teammate and captain should while at the podium - look like a sore loser and it made her look classless.

Here endeth the rant.

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