Friday, February 10, 2012

Not to harp, because I like Victor Cruz, but...

...on the sports page here, Victor Cruz, who had a beyond amazing year with the New York Giants and made a whole fanbase, including this fan girl, fall in love with him and his salsa-dancing and game-winning receiving ways, talks about how he deserves a raise. I totally get that. He was paid what he was deemed worth at the start of the season and he's proven that if he keeps up this performance, he should be along side the guys in the big leagues who get paid big-league salaries.

But you know what? I don't get paid what I'm worth either. Neither do a lot of Americans. Most of us *deserve* to make more. Welcome to the imperfect world! And forget about those who don't get paid at all because they can't find jobs. So, while I agree that he should get paid at least the same amount as the guys he's, in a lot of cases, out-performing who make way more than him, it's kind of in poor taste to complain about what he DID make, when it's more than 10 times the amount I got paid this past year, and 4 times the amount my "rich" friends make annually.

I like you, Victor Cruz, I know you're young and still learning the ropes of being a sports mega-superstar, and I like that you're standing up for yourself, because you can't let the powers-that-be take advantage of you, BUT please don't let this new fame go to your head. It's unlikeable when people who make a ton of money complain that they don't make enough money AND it makes them unrelatable...and I want to still like you! Yours is the jersey I'm considering buying next...don't make me regret that!

Fan girl, out... :)

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