Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Linsane!...

...but this Jeremy Lin fellow is coming close to working a miracle. No, not the last second game-winning shots he's making. No, not all the assists he has. No, not his part in creating the seven-game winning streak the New York Knicks are now on. Well, yes, all that put together and a Christian, I'm sure he'll appreciate the miraculous nature of what is happening here. The miracle that Lin has (very nearly) wrought is that for the first time in about 15 years, he's making me care about basketball. He's making me pay attention to basketball headlines in the morning. He's making me actively seek out news about how the Knicks are doing. He's making me want to be a part of the Lin-sanity. He's making me write about *basketball* in my blog. He is - ::gasp:: - almost kinda sorta making me want to turn on a Knicks game and actually see this guy in action.

I don't think I've voluntarily watched a Knicks game since the late's been a mild winter here in New York, but maybe Hell really *has* frozen over!

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