Monday, October 26, 2009

And then there were two...

Yankees won the AL pennant last night, beating the Angels 5-2, taking 4 out of six games. Wednesday the World Series will open at Yankee Stadium against the Phillies, a team I expect to put up much more of a fight than either the Angels or the Twins. The Twins were out of their league, lucky just to be a part of the postseason. The Angels, normally Yankee-killers, repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with a slew of errors. The Phillies, I think, will make the Yankees work to win it. And if it goes to seven games, I'll probably be about ready to have a heart attack, but the World Series is a snooze when one team is outmatched and gets swept in four. As long as my team comes out on top in the end, I'll take the exciting nailbiter instead.

Last night tho it was fitting that Andy Pettitte was the starting pitcher, Jorge Posada caught the game, and Mariano Rivera got the save. Those three, along with Derek Jeter, are the only current Yankees left from the 1996-2000 World Series-winning era...boys, lets show these newbies how it's done!!

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