Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mets Dilemma

I think that should be the unofficial name of the 2009 World Series. Any self-respecting Mets fan cannot, in good faith, root for the Phillies. That would be like Obama rooting for Osama.

Well, probably not quite that serious. (Tell that to a Mets fan.)

At the same time, Mets fans pride themselves on being New Yorkers who don't root for the Yankees. The Yankees might not be their mortal enemy, but when it comes to the Yanks, there is no love lost.

So for Mets fans, the dilemma is who to root for. Do you boycott the Series altogether? Not an option if you're a true baseball fan? Do you hope the MLB suddenly changes the rules so that it's entirely possible that neither team could win? It's worth wishing for, I guess. But I implore all you Mets fans, as New Yorkers first and foremost, to let your New York pride lead your decision. For once, if even for just a moment, we can all be on the same team and root for the same team, at the top of our obnoxiously fabulous and awesome lungs that *New York* beats Philadelphia come this November.

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!

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