Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The baseball regular season is over...except not quite yet

As is wont to happen every now and then, even after 162 games, two teams in the same division end up with the same exact record. Such is the case with this year's Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins in the AL Central. Every other team in the postseason is set to go, some starting tomorrow, except the Twins/Tigers. Oh, and the Yankees, who will be playing whichever team comes out on top.

The Twins and Tigers take each other on tonight at 5 pm Eastern time in a tiebreaker game to see who makes it to the postseason. The good news is it looks like the game will be shown on TBS, so even if you live out of market (like me), you should be able to catch the action. If you're still at work at 5, follow it on MLB.com.

We all know who I'll be rooting for...silent cheer for that team!

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